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Full Moon in Virgo Ritual Box - 27th February

A selection of ritual tools designed to align with the Virgo energy of the Full Moon on Saturday 27th February.

Earth Feng Shui Votive (Inner Peace) - 12 hours burn time

This candle represents inner-peace and the element earth. Use this candle if you intentions are around strength, stability and confidence.

Mama Moon bath Shot

Containing all the benefits of infused Himalayan salt rock which is packed full of minerals and Hawaiian black lava salt rock which is renowned for its detoxifying effects (due to it containing activated charcoal!).

Argonite Point - Approx. 35mm

These beautiful Aragonite Points come in a range of stunning colours and patterns. A stone of strength and power, use it for protection and to relieve nightmares.

Amazonite Tumbled x 2

These tumbled stones are a part of the quartz family, Carnelian is a brownish-red to orange-coloured variation with properties that support work with our Sacral Chakra. Believed to encourage vitality, motivation, creativity and courage.

Kambaba Jasper Tumbled x 2

These tumbled stones are an intensely reflective and metallic looking stone, they are brilliant when you are challenged with feelings of upheaval and disconnection, these stones can help bring grounding and balance in these situations. 

Meditation Incense x 12 Sticks

Stamford Meditation incense is a blend of fine essential oils which create a calming atmosphere suitable for meditation.

Lavender Scented Ear Candles x 2

Clear your mind and ease overthinking with the ancient Indian tradition of ear candling. These candles are believed to pull any unnecessary thoughts from your mind so you can gain focus and direction.

White Sage & Rosemary Smudge

This combination of herbs helps to strengthen the memory and help the brain. Wonderful to use this combo while mediating.

Cedarwood Organic Essential Oil - 10ml

This scent encourages feelings of safety, grounding, support, love, and comfort. Its fragrance is purifying, safeguarding, and powerful in facilitating deep introspection and meditation.  Essential oils are the life energy of plants at our fingertips.

Here's all you need to know about delivery and returns.

Here's all you need to know about delivery and returns


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