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Tumbled Stones

Our crystal selection is broad in both the types we sell and the prices attached to them. From the larger crystals to the smaller tumbled stones, you can get something special without spending a fortune.

Snowflake Obsidian Tumbled

Sit with this stone as you calm your mind awaiting messages from your guides to enhance the communication.


Smokey Quartz Tumbled

Use this stone to infuse intentions of being organised and ahead of the game. A great tool for preparing for one of life's big events.


Rose Quartz Tumbled

A great stone to utilise during self-love rituals, infuse the stone with intentions to be kinder and love your self and other more.


Moss Agate Tumbled

A heart balancing stone for when things are challenging and you need a little something to help you to persist in your goals.


Kambaba Jasper Tumbled

Use this stone of peace to empower your ability to love and be loved.


Citrine Tumbled

Keep a piece in your purse, wallet or money box to encourage your money to work with the karmic flow of money and abundance.


Carnelian Tumbled

The perfect stone to carry throughout your day to add an extra bounce in your step.


Blue Quartz Tumbled

This is a beautiful stone to give to someone who is struggling to communicate their true feelings or to forgive something.


Blue Glass Obsidian Tumbled

The ideal stone to work with for astral projection or to open the aura to receive healing.


Black Tourmaline Tumbled

A grounding stone because of its connection to our root chakra this stone can be used to encourage feelings of safety and protection.


Yellow Jasper Tumbled

Use this stone to break from the norm and do something new. Work with the imaginative energy to bring new opportunities into your life.


Hematite Tumbled

If you are away from your loved ones use this stone to feel connected to them through nature and our universal energy.


Clear Quartz Tumbled

Bring clear quartz into the mix whenever you are working with crystals to add more power to your intentions.


Amethyst Tumbled

One of the most alluring of the healing stones for not just its colour but for its reputation as a connector to the divine.


Amazonite Tumbled

If there is a difficult conversation that you need to have, this stone can support the environment for it to go harmoniously.


Almandine Garnet Tumbled

Evoke your earthy passion and fire up your root chakra with one of our favourite garnet stones.