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The people behind the platform

We have brought together the industry’s finest light and energy workers so you can discover more about sacred self-care. They bring you a wealth of knowledge, expertise and guidance in how to enhance your energy and find balance and fulfilment in your life. 

Charlene Hickey

Charlene is a soulful creative with art flowing through her like water flows downstream.

Dan Ireland

Dan’s mission is to share, educate and empower people to find peace and clarity within themselves.

Nikki Grierson

Nikki promotes every form of energy healing; as long as it raises your vibration, she is all in.

Carol Le Quesne

Carol has influenced and illuminated the journey for other practitioners who work in energy to learn and grow.

Grace Galliot

Grace is a bona fide witch, a formidable force of femininity and an all-rounder when it comes to her practices.

Lucy Sanderson

15 years of wellbeing based writing and marketing is only a mere notch in this gal’s talent belt.

Luke Billings

Luke devotes himself to sharing his energy and using his strength of character to help build people up.

Lorna Elaine

Lorna’s destiny is geared toward raising peoples’ vibration and lighting up a path for the people she meets.

Henrietta Brice-Smith

Henrietta has been teaching extensively for over twenty years and has risen through the ranks to become a highly sought after instructor.

Joelle Wallser

Joelle is building her dream, a platform for energy and light-workers across the world.

Julie Kent

Julie is a renowned healer and teacher and has been practicing for a substantial amount of time; working with breath therapy and yoga for optimum wellness.

Do you work with energy?

Are you a Healer, Lightworker, Astrologer or Medium? Do you practice Feng Shui, Tarot or Numerology?

If you use energy or spiritual work to support wellbeing then we want to hear from you. Find out more about our collaborators’ energy exchange.

Always responsible

We are a business that takes our responsibilities seriously.

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