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Clairsentience: Getting to know your gift with Tarot & Oracle cards.

Clairsentience is a precious intuitive sense used during Tarot and Oracle card readings to help receive and deliver messages that don’t visibly appear within the cards’ images.

14th January 2021

Clairsentience is all about sensing and feeling intuitive information in your body, what a rush when the hairs on the back of your neck speak to you. The information you receive through this gift (that we all have) can be as obvious as a physical sensation (goose-bumps) or as subtle as the impression of emotion (feeling nostalgic). It’s normal to experience clairsentient messages as simultaneously physical and energetic, or independently each and every one of us is different. 


How you experience clairsentience, and the intensity of the message can depend on your comfort level when trusting your body as an intuitive tool.  


How you experience clairsentience, and the intensity of the message can depend on your comfort level when trusting your body as an intuitive tool. Allowing messages to flow through your body for internal discernment is an opportunity to truly know yourself and build an intimate relationship with your Higher Self, Soul Self and awareness. This is about as close as it gets.  

Clairsentience may be your natural go-to intuitive sense if...

  • You are empathic (feels the emotions of others)
  • You often feel ‘gut reactions’ you can use as a guide to steer clear of trouble or make decisions (although our wide range of experiences influences the gut)
  • You are sensitive to the energy of other people (especially in crowded spaces or locations of trauma such as a hospital or historic site)
  • Your moods fluctuate easily
  • Your dreams are more about how you felt than what you saw
  • You get drawn into movies and books and respond to the emotions they seek to evoke 
  • You give many second chances
  • Sometimes your emotions are so strong that you shut them down just to make life more manageable
  • You can feel the meaning behind words, whether spoken or unspoken
  • You can feel/know the difference between truth and lies intuitively
  • You are a healer
  • You are known as a good and understanding listener
  • You are the go-to person in your circle of friends and at work
  • People sometimes say you are too sensitive



Clairsentience is a precious intuitive sense used during Tarot and Oracle card readings to help receive and deliver messages that don’t visibly appear within the cards’ images. Generally, both the reader and the client can see the card’s visible images; only the reader can sense and interpret the intuitive sensations and impressions received. The reader is the channel.  

Intuitive messages received may help clarify or deepen the layers of the message being presented.  As with clairvoyance, it is possible to sense messages both physically and internally.  Be sure to check in with your physical and energetic body during your next reading either with Tarot or Oracle.


Examples of physical messages during card readings are :

  • feeling the physical body, health, or description of an individual who appears in the reading through your own physical body (I feel like this person has …)
  • physical sensations that are unrelated to your environment (sudden heat, cold, touch, density in the energy around you)
  • physically feeling (emotion/circumstance/sensation). My legs feel stuck I can’t move forward (they feel trapped in some way unable to move forward in life); my shoulders feel pushed down (they may be overburdened)
  • physical signals (yes and no/positive and negative in your body) through sensation or feeling – or use your body as a pendulum - we will check this out in another article, so much fun!
  • physical responses/triggers/energetic releases such as tears, twitches, sneezes, goose-bumps, shivers, a change in the rhythm of your breath

We may also get many internal emotional cues in a reading, a feeling of the clients’ emotion, or Gut reactions which fit into both categories physical and emotional. They can be a physical and/or an energetic response.  Some experts say that the gut is like a second brain, complex and full of useful information, and possibly a central storage facility for our intuition. 

If you have an immediate and strong instinct, reaction, feeling, or response during a reading, then take a chance and share the experience. Your body is relaying a message, and your soul/spirit/Spirit Guides are speaking through your body, you are the voice box.  Take your time and build trust in your physical, emotional, and energetic responses. Journaling after sessions is so useful and will help build your confidence in understanding your cues.

Learning how to connect with your Tarot and Oracle cards takes time, practice, and patience.  While many readily available resources can teach you about Tarot and Oracle cards, the actual practice of using Tarot and oracle cards is best learned through first-hand experience.  Working with your cards is essential to your development as a reader.  Over time, with repeated practice, a connection is formed that encourages confidence in your abilities as a reader, trust in the messages you receive, and knowledge of your unique intuitive abilities.  

Each time you practice working with your cards, you strengthen your intuitive senses. You establish new connections, patterns, and symbols that your intuition will recognise in future readings, making the messages easier to regularly receive and understand. Tarot is a fantastic tool for reading and provides a very structured approach to reading, so whilst it can be a gift inherited through your line, it can also be learnt, and is a craft that takes patience. 

Some Tarot readers also use Oracle Cards to overlay and provide further validation. Oracle cards are more fluid and free-flowing with less structure and can be used in many ways; they can really support a reading and clairsentient information; they can also help a mediumistic, and or psychic reading.


The 7-Day “Deck-Duster” Challenge!


If you are looking for a reason to practice with your cards, to understand your cards better, to gain confidence in your skills as a reader, to get to know a new card deck or to dust off an old one, then I challenge you to the 7-day “deck-duster” challenge!  This challenge will help you establish a regular intuitive practice that will boost your confidence and expose unique ways to work with your intuition.  Using these short daily exercises, you will learn how to quickly perceive intuitive information and create a sense of familiarity with your chosen deck.



For this challenge, an old favourite or intriguing new deck is recommended.

  • Seven days
  • Draw a card each day
  • Tarot or Oracle you choose

Each morning, draw a card from the deck you have chosen to work with for this challenge.  Your intention is to draw a card that will reflect the day ahead. Take a few deep breaths to calm your energy.  Engage with each of your intuitive senses - look at the card, check-in with your body for any physical or energetic feelings, listen for any internal or external information, and notice if you have any random ‘drop-in’ thoughts or an inner knowing of what is to be.  You are predicting the day ahead using your intuition!

The morning draw can be quick (as described above), or you can take more time to prepare for intuitive work by adding the morning draw to your daily ritual, meditation, or exercise practice - Make a note of your card in your journal and how it made you feel.

Then at the end of each day, check out and review your day, circle and highlight anything that reflected the card, enjoy the practice, the more you connect, the more intuition grows and expand, it’s a fine-tuning process. You are an amazing creation in the process of becoming even more awesome and discovering your infinite possibilities in the realms of the unseen.


Read more about Carol and her multi-faceted approach to working with the energy within, around and above us. 

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