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White Sage Collection

Medium Bundle: 10cm 

We have a great selection of White Sage Smudge bundles. Which will you choose? White Sage and...

Select your favourites from the options dropdown at the bottom of this page.

Rosemary - Perfect for love and protection spells this Rosemary combo will also have a deep cleansing and purifying effect on your personal space and aura.

Ruda - Use Ruda to eliminate any lingering bad luck or bad vibes, we've been using it since the middle ages to ward off those not-so-comfortable energies.

Yerba Santa - A herb considered sacred in Native America, it's best used for protection and setting boundaries with confidence and conviction.

Juniper - Magickally linked to good luck, abundance and prosperity, this herb is a protector and is also believed to increase male potency (Take that however you choose!!)

Sweetgrass - Will you be working on your spirit connection or need something to cleanse a room used for healing and energy work? If yes, this one is for you.

Eucalyptus - Long used to create space between the person burning it and the people around them. If you need a bit of 'me time', spark this to clear some space for yourself.

Cinnamon - A love spell isn't a love spell without this combo. It's actually very versatile too, cleanse your doorway with this one to bless the home.

Peppermint - The ancient Egyptians were big fans of this one, and we can see why! Its properties basically work to give any intention an added boost.

Safari Flower - AKA Dream Sage, made especially for dream and energy work, use this combo as part of transformational change in your own or your client's life.

Blue Sage - Purify and cleanse the energy of your home or aura with this magical combination, great for clearing negative energy in just a sweep around the house or body.

Black Sage - Planning some dream magic, journeying or astral travel? This White Sage and Black Sage combo is a must-have for protection in these practices.

Burn your smudge and let the smoke filter into every corner of the room or space you’re cleansing. Move the smoke around and visualise it clearing the energy. Take your time and always have a fireproof container near.

For more ideas on how, who and what to cleanse, check out our article Cleansing and Clearing 101.


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