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I Am Enough, Self-love Ritual.

Take the time to practice self-love and be rewarded with increased confidence and self-belief.

3rd December 2020

Self-love is one of the intrinsic tools we have to ensure we feel our best. 

The Rising Signs has created a Self-love Ritual, which is all about reminding ourselves how special we are. You are special, you are enough! 

Dedicating some time to practice self-love can have a significant impact on our confidence and self-belief: both vital components to achieving our dreams. 

We will be working with the energy of our central point of creativity and self-belief, the Solar Plexus Chakra. Our positive beliefs and thought patterns will be amplified and strengthened by our intention to balance and harmonise this energy centre.

We aim to release negative thoughts about ourselves and to encourage a more positive outlook on what we are capable of achieving. Through this ritual, we are setting the very intention that this is what we want to bring into our lives and to change our internal voice to one of more acceptance and reassurance.



What you will need…

One of our: I Am Enough, Self-love Christmas Gift Boxes 

Each item has been carefully selected to help work with the energy of our Solar Plexus Chakra.


  • Candle/s
  • Incense
  • Herbal Tea
  • Grid
  • Crystals
  • Cleanser
  • Stationery

If you need some inspiration on selecting your ritual tools, take some from our I Am Enough, Self Love Christmas Gift Box (Link above).


Ritual Inspiration

  1. Start by ensuring you’ve put time aside without distractions or interruptions. 
    Our effort and careful considerations are what will give this ritual its power, so be thoughtful and considerate that this is an act of sacred self-care. An act of love for yourself that deserves your focus.
  2. Find an area where you can set up your ritual space.
    Ideally somewhere you can leave it for a few days or longer so you can use it as a visual reminder of the intentions you set. 
  3. Cleanse your ritual space, yourself, your tools and even your whole room.
    Burn palo santo or similar and let the smoke filter into every corner of the room or space you’re cleansing. Move the smoke around and visualise it cleansing the energy.
  4. Make a cup of herbal tea to help balance your physical body. 
    As you drink the tea, envision it filling your Solar Plexus Chakra (between your navel and lower part of the chest) with a beautiful yellow or golden light.
  5. Set up your ritual space using your candle, incense, crystals and grid. 
    Let your intuition guide you. Add any extra items that call to you when preparing your space or that represent self-love to you.
  6. Pick some crystals and place them on your body or around you. 
    Make a selection of tumbled or other small crystals and one central piece. These will be placed on your grid near the end of the ritual but for now, place them on or around yourself. Try for crystal to skin contact to ensure you are connecting to the energy of the stone.
  7. Sit in a comfortable position for a short meditation.
    Clear and steady your mind, concentrate on only your breath, bring your thoughts back to this focus every time your mind wanders. Sit in meditation for a few minutes or take as long as you like.
  8. When you come back, take note of the feelings and emotions that arose.
    Use the smells and scents of your ritual to prepare yourself for the next step. Take note of how each scent and the combination of your ritual scents make you feel.
  9. With a calm mind write down 5 things you love about yourself. 
    Take your time doing this; no one else will ever see this so be confident and really sing your praises. Use the prefix “I Am” to each statement, you are creating a list of strong statements championing your unique and exceptional qualities. 
  10. Be grateful.
    Be grateful for all that you are. Take a moment to feel truly grateful and say thank you.
  11. Now add to the same list: 5 things you want to be but don’t yet believe you are.
    Again use the “I Am” prefix to help write your new beliefs into existence. If self-doubt pops up, notice the feeling but don’t react, carry on as you were.
  12. Gather your selected crystals and lay them out on your grid.
    Use tumbled or other small crystals to form a pattern on your grid, then add a central piece to hold your intentions and to link the energies of all the crystals together.
  13. Join the energy of your crystals with a wand or another crystal.
    Point at the crystals in your grid with your chosen tool and make movements between your crystals, this charges and links the energy of each crystal. Feel the energy join up as the pattern you are making with your tool starts to flow in your hand.
  14. Read your self-love statements out loud with belief and conviction.
    These ten affirmations will become your new beliefs about yourself and your actions have infused these beliefs into your crystal grid for amplification.
  15. Fold up your piece of paper and place it into the envelope.
    Don’t seal the envelope, we want to keep going back to this to remind ourselves regularly of who we are and why we are amazing.
  16. Close your ritual with the words: And So It Is.
    These magical words dispel your intentions into the ether, ready to gain traction from the effort you have put into setting these intentions.
  17. Top up your self-love energy daily with a conscious cupper.
    Utilise the scents of your ritual tea to re-energise your intentions, make a cup and sit down and read out your self-love statements - A  little reminder of all your amazing qualities is sure way to lift spirits.


Daily Mantra

A quick way to get your self-love habit kick-started is to practise a mantra, keep it on your mirror and every time you notice it, give it a little attention, read the mantra in your head and if you can, repeat it out loud.

You can create your own mantra or use our suggestion below, just remember to give it some power, this is an affirmation so keep it strong.

I Am Enough

I live my life with purpose

I embody confidence and conviction

I release judgment on others and myself

I can achieve everything I desire

I stand in my power

I Am Enough

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