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Gemstone Rollers

We love love love these, they are such a gentle but empowering part of a self-care ritual, pick from our selection of gemstones based on the properties detailed below. 

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Jade - This stone of the earth is recognised for its healthful properties supporting the skin, the OG of gemstone rollers.

Amethyst - Use this one to awaken the third eye and clarity of messages from spirit and instinct.

Rose Quartz - Perfect for self-love cleansing and adding a little romance from yourself to yourself.

Black Obsidian - Releive stress and make space for inner reflection and perspective shifting wherever needed.

Just like any crystal, make sure you cleanse these gemstones before and after use, a little intention goes a long way so speak your affirmations into these rollers to empower yourself with every use. And don't forget to get these beauties outside on the Full Moon for a recharge of cosmic moon energy.

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