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Ear Candles

The ultimate cleanser for the mind, use these Ear Candles to release unwanted thoughts and calm the mind for clear thinking and clarity.


Gemstone Rollers

Embody every part of your self-care ritual with the gentle glide of a crystal roller across your fresh face and infuse some uplifting energy into your skin.


Himalayan Salt Bath Soaks

Close your eyes and let the essential oils of these cleansing bath soaks surrender you into your sacred self-care ritual.


Himilayan Salt Bath Shot

These handy bath shots were made especially to cleanse our body and mind for everything from annual solstice rituals, to monthly moon work or daily detoxing.


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Tumbled Stones

Our crystal selection is broad in both the types we sell and the prices attached to them. From the larger crystals to the smaller tumbled stones, you can get something special without spending a fortune.

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Chakra Balancing


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Cleanser Collection

Collections will show here and look great, so get your arse in gear and do some work beautiful!!!

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