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Clearing and Cleansing 101.

When we consider the importance of our energetic field, it makes sense that we would take good care of it.

31st October 2020

Some of you will be well versed in what energy is, why it matters and how it works within us, around us and above us. Some people will be reading this perhaps never given it too much thought. For those who are new to the notion of energy work, then you might like to take a look at our What is energy? article. It lays the groundwork for understanding how energy works with us humans as individuals and as a collective, global whole. 

When we consider the importance of our energetic field, it makes sense that we would take good care of it. Energy ebbs and flows and with awareness and practice, we can master the art of maintaining a positive karmic vibe; we can raise our vibration and enhance how we feel, making a concerted effort toward our overall wellness. 



To put it into context, clearing and cleansing our energy can be likened to detoxing our physical self through nutrition. You could think of energy cleansing as a spiritual detox; a clearing of emotional clutter and technique to open up new ways of thinking and operating.

When you’re mindful about the food you eat, you’re more likely to feel well. Your body works better with a wholesome and nutritious diet, right? You binge on junk food and one thing is certain, you’ll feel it in your gut and most probably throughout the rest of your body and your mind too. Excess sugars, salt, fat etc are known to cause bloat, slower movement, affect cognitive ability and enhance issues such as disease and strain on the body. The choices we make in respect of what we eat affect how we feel; the same can be said for how we ‘feed’ and fuel our energy. 

Detoxing the body essentially hits refresh on your physical and mental wellness. We are able to start again and fill ourselves up with goodness. Energy clearing and cleansing is exactly the same, but doesn’t leave you with a rumbling tummy! If anything, a good old cleanse and clear of your energy will leave you feeling emotionally and spiritually ‘full’; fulfilled. 

Our minds drive our thoughts and our thoughts and emotions are all energy carriers. If you’ve ever heard the expression, ‘energy flows where attention goes’ you’ll get it. To give a more thorough explanation, if you think about how you feel when you are in joy or peace, compared to how you feel when you are in anger or fear you can differentiate between the feelings. Light and happy, positive and proactive when in joy or peace and undoubtedly, resonating negativity in terms of energy will leave you perhaps shaking, tense, unable to eat or think properly. Therein lies the difference in the actual physical element of our energy. 


"Our minds drive our thoughts and our thoughts and emotions are all energy carriers."


When we talk about raising our vibration or calming fractious energy, we mean harnessing the things behind the energy; our thoughts and behavioural patterns. Clearing and cleansing is a skill that enables us to take control and evoke more happy vibes than fractious ones. The principles of energy can be attributed to everything, not just human beings; the places we live and work in can also harbour negative energy and they too benefit from cleansing and clearing. 

Feng Shui is a prime example of this. By taking a space and working to improve its energetic flow, you can feel the difference in a room, or entire building. Heck, you can even think of energy cleansing yourself as Feng Shui for the soul!

So, how do we cleanse and clear our energy? 

Let’s begin with cleansing our own energetic field… there’s an abundance of techniques, practices and rituals to clear energy blockages and set about a positive chain reaction to our energetic wellness. 

A perfect example is if you sit to meditate, sit in nature, or listen to a favourite piece of music; peace comes over you, filling you with contentment. The difference in energy can be quite obvious when you take notice of your feelings. Awareness grows as you pause to notice.



Ten go-to ways to clear your energy field:


  1. Shower - visualise the water flow over you, be present as you wash away old energy

  2. Meditation - sit and just be, relax your breath

  3. Sea Swimming - summer or winter, immerse yourself in the ocean’s energy

  4. Eating a whole-food diet - good food = good energy

  5. Palo Santo / Sage smoke clearing (smudging) - wave the smoke around your own body or around the corners of your home

  6. Crystals - Selenite is known as the king of cleansers, use it to cleanse the body, home and other crystals 

  7. Get into in nature - breathe in the energy of the trees and plants around you, put your bare feet in the grass for grounding 

  8. Surround yourself with positive people - we feed off the energy around us, so filter out people who drain you with drama and negativity

  9. Positive thoughts - affirmations and being grateful for all the good in your life, setting intentions

  10. Let go of negativity and things you can’t change - this takes practice, life will always throw stuff at you, it's not the experiences which get you, its how you deal with them that has the greatest effect on your being


Find out more about Nikki G and her energy work and a host of information about natural wellness, yoga and healing over on her collaborator page here.

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