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As Above, So Below: A look at what’s coming up.

With quite a few astrological events still to come before the end of 2020, we’ve prepared some insight into what’s coming up.

20th December 2020

2020 has shown us rare and life-altering planetary aspects and transits that have impacted everyone. As far as recent world events go, no one knew quite how the astrological forecasts were going to manifest in the real world, but it’s been known for a long time that there would be some cosmic chaos reflected here on earth.

We saw the end of Eclipse Seasons just a week ago, which means we have moved past the harsh lessons they bring and we now have an opportunity to harness and move forward with what we have learnt. 

With quite a few astrological events still to come before the end of 2020, we’ve prepared some insight into what’s coming up, and some inspiration on how to work with this astrological energy to move in flow with the planets. 


Sunday 20th - Mercury moves into Capricorn

Mercury's influence in Capricorn will have us looking at long term goals and the steps we need to make now, to achieve them. 

Make a conscious effort to engage with the real world; even if that is on zoom, this is a Mercury in Capricorn trait that you can harness for opportunity and success in alignment with the energy created with this transit.

Mercury in Capricorn trines Uranus in Taurus, so we open up opportunities for swift change through innovation or a breakthrough. Remember, Magic Happens!

Monday 21st - Sun enters the sign Capricorn

Coming in after a Sagittarius Season of dreaming big, Capricorn Season brings in the energy we need to get the ball rolling. This sign brings us back down to earth and grounds us, ready to make foundations for all of our big plans and dreams. 

Use this Capricorn energy to make your dreams a reality, hard-working Capricorn will help you to build and expand, so what are you waiting for?


(10:02) Monday 21st - Winter Solstice

The winter solstice is generally known to offer the energy of regeneration, renewal and self-reflection. Consider what in your life needs more attention and a fresh outlook? A day after the winter solstice the days start to get longer again, we can use this energy to build, expand and grow what we give focus to now.


Monday 21st - Jupiter and Saturn align (The Great Conjunction)

We’re in for a treat with this opportunity to see an astrological rarity with our own eyes. Jupiter and Saturn will align in the night sky in the sign of Aquarius, making it their closest encounter in over 400 years. Astronomers are calling it “The Great Conjunction” but it is also referred to as the Christmas Star. Make sure you keep an eye out for this in the night sky over the next few days. They will be so close they will appear as one star!

This conjunction is made of formidable forces; they are a true power couple. Expansive Jupiter and disciplined Saturn are cosying up together in revolutionary Aquarius, creating the potential to set off a powerful wave of power-to-the-people energy, innovation, progression and sci-fi developments. Use this energy to manifest your dreams bigger than you can even imagine and let the universe bring you something you didn’t even know was possible.

Wednesday 30th - Full Moon in Cancer

We wrap up the year with a Cancer Full Moon, the perfect opportunity to let go of the heightened emotional energy that has come in this year. 

More on this in our Full Moon in Leo Ritual coming out on the 28th December. Sign-up to our Newsletter to get it delivered to your inbox.

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