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Full Moon in Virgo - 27th February (08:17) 2021.

The element of earth rules this February’s Snow Moon; we view this moon through the lens of Virgo, the perfectionist, and its core elemental motivation - to improve.

16th February 2021

Weekday: Saturday (Suspension & Prevention)

Event: Full Moon in Virgo

Chakra: Root or Throat

Element: Earth

At 08:17 (UK time) this Saturday, 27th February, the moon peeked in the zodiac sign of Virgo, the most meticulous and focused of all the characters. Full Moons are an opportunity for us to let go of unwanted feelings or thought patterns and release negativity or self-doubt. By doing this, we open our energy and our space to receive new opportunities and life experiences.

The element of earth rules this 2021 Snow Moon within the Zodiac that demands the highest of standards and is asking us to look at where we can make improvements. As we prepare for Spring and the start of a new Zodiac cycle, we are asked to look back over the past year to decipher where we can improve over the coming year. What do we want to let go of and leave behind?


What do we want to let go of and leave behind?


It may be that we need to do better at giving ourselves a break more often, so don’t confuse this Virgo energy with needing to do more; it may well be that you need to do less. Listen to your body and focus on your health at this time. Virgo rules the body’s health, so now is the time to harness plans and goals focused on your health. A time to release self-belief problems and destructive patterns that hold you back from your goals.

When working with Virgo energy, consider the traits and how you can align your intentions to the cosmic significance of this Moon. Virgos are all about order, planning and being useful to others; utilise the Virgo energy in this new moon by getting a head start in these areas. 

Try a Full Moon releasing Ritual, or some simple intention setting around letting go; Uncovering what holds us back and releasing it is our contribution to the moment’s collective energy.

A couple of intriguing things about this Full Moon; 

The Moon is in opposition to Venus in Pisces. With Venus influenced by Pisces’ mystical and divine energy, we look at our goals and plans very differently, with more intense perfectionism. 

Full Moons illuminate, and this one is shining a light on unity in relationships and communities. Channel some Virgo Moon energy and think about how we can continue to improve in these areas? An opposition between planets is known as a ‘hard’ aspect in astrology, which can cause difficulty and struggle. Still, on the bright side, this energy is where motivation and positive results come from - even if it is a little challenging to get there. 

A square is a less harsh aspect than an opposition, but we should note how Uranus is square to three key players; Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. Each of these planets has traits that create energetic flow felt by us on earth. Like all of the planets, subtle changes in positioning, moving into different signs, aligning differently with other planets all have a cause and effect as far as the energy we feel and are influenced by this full moon. 

To understand the energetic potential of this combination, we first look at the main planets at play...

Mercury: Articulates, links, negotiates and analysis.

Jupiter: Broadens, increases, opens up and explores.

Saturn: Limits, controls, burdens and delays.

These planets are all in Aquarius: the ruler of original ideas and diversity. This means that the activity is happening in the remit of doing something new, in a new way. We are moving towards challenges that will positively impact and enable us to grow and develop as individuals and as a community. However, we must note that these challenges may come with difficulty. With the square to Uranus, these planets and their purpose may be challenged by disruptive Uranus energy. 

Uranus: Liberates, awakens, disrupted and sudden changes.

On a positive note, this Full Moon does have some soft aspects, which are considered more gentle and encouraging. Uranus, along with its squares, actually trines the moon and is sextile to the Sun and Venus - This brings in more harmony and a more gentle feeling to the lessons we learn from this moon.

Virgo energy tends to raise issues around the fear of things descending into chaos or not being valued. If either of those things come up for you at this time, know that now is the right time to face them. With the full moon energy alignment, you amplify the focus in these areas, making it very likely that these feelings will surface and give an opportunity to heal.

Remember, perfection can have drawbacks; sometimes, you can’t even get started because you are so caught up on something being perfect or you become blinkered and closed off to possibilities through lack of flexibility in a goal.

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