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New Moon in Capricorn - 13th January (05:00) 2021.

A lot is going on in the Astrological aspects of this New Moon. An opportunity for us to set intentions and bring our core desires to life.

9th January 2021

Weekday: Wednesday – Mercury’s Day

Event: New Moon in Capricorn

Chakra: Root (Muladhara)

Element: Earth / Air

A lot is going on in the Astrological aspects of this Wednesdays New Moon. New Moons are an opportunity for us to set intentions and bring our core desires to life. However, this New Moon has huge manifesting potential for us as individuals and as a collective whole. We are not only starting a New moon cycle; we are also starting a New Year and a New Era. 

The New Moon happens at 5.00 am (UK time) the morning of Wednesday, 13th January 2021. At  23 degrees of Capricorn, it finds itself in conjunction with Pluto. Pluto represents our personal power, the power we hold inside ourselves to stand up, be seen and manifest the world we want to be a part of. This is the start of huge change, a change that may take decades or centuries to unfold, but we now have the power to create the world we want to see for ourselves and our future generations.

Capricorn energy is very traditional; its the status quo and represents how things have always been done. With this moon, we leave this energy behind and enter a new era of innovation and value shifts. This can be seen in the astrological chart by all of the Aquarius activity we have going on. Aquarius represents new beginnings, innovation and doing things differently. This is a move for us from earth to air energy which means we will feel less stable than in the past however the new energy will give us a lightness that helps us move forward with our hopes and dreams more quickly.

Squaring this New Moon, we have Mars & Uranus in conjunction (approx. 3-4 degrees apart) in Taurus. This energy can be chaotic and unsettled and takes its aim on structure and security. Expect some big shifts, in particular around values; individually and as a collective. 

Squaring the Mars and Uranus conjunction in Taurus are Mercury (The planet of adaption and change), Jupiter (The planet of growth and expansion) and Saturn (The planet of truth and realism) all nestled in next to each other in the sign of Aquarius. These planets' traits guide us on where we need to focus our energy over the next few months. Move away from tradition (Capricorn energy) and trust in innovation and change (Aquarius energy).

It all sounds very hectic but from chaos comes something new, highlighting the huge potential and need for manifestation at this time. The power is in us; our choices, our focus and our energy.

Lastly but not least, we have a positive sextile aspect between this New Moon and Neptune in Pisces and Chiron in Aries. These last two planets are the glimmer of possibility and opportunity we need, showing there will be a pay-off once the unsettled energy passes.

In New Moon rituals, we would normally work with our intentions for the month ahead, manifesting our dreams and watching them grow as the Moon phase builds and expands towards its fullness. This time, however, we are being asked to go bigger, we aren’t just entering a New Month, we are entering New Year, and a New Era, our manifesting potential for this moon can help us create the world and life we want over a much longer period.

So dream big, consider who you want to be in this new future, cover this from physical, mental and emotional aspects and include your intentions for the bigger picture; the world as a whole.

We have put together a selection of ritual tools designed to align with this New Moon's Capricorn energy in our New Moon in Capricorn Ritual Box - 13th January. Or you can shop our ritual tools by this specific Moon here.

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