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Moon Magic.

Working with the energy of the moon.

29th October 2020

The moon, what an exciting and expansive topic to delve into. In astrology, most people are aware of their sun sign (also known as a star sign) determined by the position of the sun the moment they were born. Your sun sign is believed to give insight into your personality and life path. But another huge part of understanding ourselves through astrology is to look at our moon sign, which you guessed it, is the sign the moon was in at the moment you were born. This sign is believed to offer us insight into our emotions and inner mood. 


"Your moon sign is believed to offer insight into your emotions and inner mood." 

If you don’t know it already, uncovering your moon sign can be easy with a simple astrological chart found on the internet. All you will need is your date and time of birth to enter into a site like If you are using this site, go to “Extended Chart Selection”, add in your personal details and select “Whole Signs” from the House Systems dropdown. Now you can generate your chart.

See below an example of my chart for demonstrative purposes:



The moon in my birth chart is showing at 28 degrees of the constellation Cancer, confirming that my Moon Sign is Cancer. Uncover your moon sign and read up on the traits of that sign, see if it resonates with how you deal with your emotions and internal voice.

When I was born the moon was in Cancer, having been obsessed and affected by the moon from a young age, it was no surprise to find the moon in its home sign. Every planet, the moon and the sun all have a sign that they are “at home” in, the moon’s being Cancer. When any planet shows up in its home sign in a birth chart, the traits of that sign are often amplified and prevalent in the person it’s related to.

Regardless of where the moon is for you personally, when a full moon finds itself in Cancer throughout the year, it’s often a heightened emotional time for everyone. It does however bring with it an opportunity to let go and release old emotions, such as negativity or jealousy. And when a new moon finds itself there, it offers us the energy to work on bringing in more of the emotions we feel we might be lacking, like courage or strength, for example.



Every month we have at least one full and one new moon, each sits within a different constellation's sign. By taking note of the traits of the sign it’s in, we can gain insight into how this moon will affect us personally and everyone around us at that point in time. We can also use these traits to guide us on what we could ask to bring into or release from our lives. As an example, Gemini, a mutable sign, (meaning it is one of the more adaptable signs) can bring forward change with ease and is also represented by the twins, which honours the duality of ourselves - A celebration of the light and dark within us. So this gives us a theme to work with for the Gemini Moon. The moon will move through every sign of the zodiac throughout the year, having its own individual blueprint in the sky.

I’d suggest working with the full moon for releasing. Following the point of optimum fullness of a moon, it starts to wane representing the release of a previous cycle. This creates space to fill back up with new opportunities and possibilities. Whereas a new moon is filling up (waxing), growing in size and opportunity, the perfect time to manifest and bring in your dreams and aspirations.

Remember to take note of the sign the moon is in each month, this will give a theme to your energy work. You can also compare it with where the moon sits in your chart. When the moon sits in the same sign that it did when you were born, expect to feel an amplification of the traits of that sign and use them to protect and harness the energy available to you.

The Rising Signs will be bringing you monthly moon rituals and boxes to support your work with the moon starting from the Scorpio New Moon on 15th December. If you haven’t already, sign-up to our newsletter for luna love updates with moon cycles and the details attributed to each one, as well as all the tools you need to make the most out of your very own moon ritual practice.

Meet The Rising Signs founder, Joelle and find out more about her work with energy, astrology and spiritualism. 

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