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Himilayan Salt Bath Shot

Himalayan salt is naturally rich in minerals which works wonders for recharging weary bodies. This ancient salt is well known for relieving anxiety, helping to rid toxins and soothe aches and pains. Pick the perfect blend below for your sacred self-care moment.

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Mama Moon - A great accompaniment to your Full Moon Ritual or Self-care time-out, this gentle floral scent is designed to enhance your Full Moon evenings with its delicate aroma.

Winter Solstice - This one was crafted to prepare us for the magick of midwinter when we cleanse the year gone in preparation for all of the abundance of the year ahead.

Hygge - The most versatile of the three blends, this one is the epitome of cosiness and comfort, used to clear the day and sink into deep relaxation. This one gives you a bit more for your buck in a bigger tube than the others too.

Containing all the benefits of infused Himalayan salt rock which is packed full of minerals and Hawaiian black lava salt rock which is renowned for its detoxifying effects (due to it containing activated charcoal!).

For more ideas on how to cleanse and clear old unneeded energy, check out our article 4 Ways to Quickly Raise your Vibration.


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