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5 Ways to Quickly Raise Your Vibration.

Get to grips with what to do with our favourite cleansing tools.

27th January 2021

A curated list of some of the most simple yet effective cleansing techniques that will help you make space for everything new and wonderful on its way to you.


  • Burn Sage or Palo Santo, really get into all the nooks and crannies, fill smoke into every corner, and leave no area un-smudged! Ensure your windows are open when you do this and if you aren’t feeling grounded in yourself. Do something to ground first and protect your energy. A walk in nature or a grounding meditation are great ways to do this.
  • Whilst smudging your space, relay your intentions of cleansing the area in your mind, thank any energy that has resided there for its lessons and ask it to leave to make space for new opportunities.
  • Leave the windows open for a while after you have finished.
  • Run the smoking sage around your body as protection for yourself and closure for your cleansing ritual.



  • Use a selenite wand to rid your aura of any old energy. Run the wand down your arms and legs in sweeping movements and visualise the selenite cleansing you.
  • Bring Selenite into your home in places where there is lots of activity; to keep the space from collecting old energy.
  • Selenite Bowls and charging platforms are a great way to cleanse gemstone jewellery and any tumbled stones that you carry on you regularly.



  • Cleanse your body with detoxifying bath salt that removes and wash away toxins in the body.
  • Take a shower and visualise the water running off you collecting and taking away any negativity and leaving you feeling lighter and fresher in yourself.
  • Take a bath, when you're done with your normal routine, remove the plug, lay back and visualise that the water running down the plug hole is sucking away any energy no longer needed, this is a powerful visualization with the pull of the water downwards and away from you. This one is especially good if you are carrying feelings and thoughts that are making you feel heavy and lethargic. It's one of my favourites!



  • To start fresh and make room for new experiences in a particular area of your life, create a sacred space for it somewhere in your home. Add some personal belongings that represent that situation. Keep it positive (importantly).
  • Cleanse the space and add a crystal that has traits that can positively impact the situation.
  • Infuse your intention for a positive outcome for everyone. Intention is everything!

For example; If you have issues at work with confidence, add a Tigers Eye and infuse the intention into the crystal to gain support with this.

Or if you are having communication issues with a loved one, use some Blue Quartz or Lapis Lazuli to open up the throat chakra for clear communication. All our crystals detail what they are best used for, so take some time to pick what is just right for you at this moment (Your instinct will play a big part).


Ear Candles

  • Ear Candles have been used for centuries to rid spiritual entities and negative energies from one's mind, spirit and body.
  • Use these candles to find clarity and calmness in an overthinking mind.
  • Especially good after going through a deep healing journey, and great for removing any unwanted thought patterns and beliefs once the healing work is left to unfold.

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Close your eyes and let the essential oils of these cleansing bath soaks surrender you into your sacred self-care ritual.


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These handy bath shots were made especially to cleanse our body and mind for everything from annual solstice rituals, to monthly moon work or daily detoxing.


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Palo Santo Bundle

A smudge best known for clearing negative energy, use it to clear away stagnant and stale energy in your home.


Jumbo Dragons Blood Smudge

Used to release negative energy and increase the potency of magic focusing on protection and love.


Selenite Moon Bowl

If you wear crystal jewellery these are the perfect little bowls to drop it into at the end of the day, the selenite bowl will ensure it's all cleansed and charged ready for your next wear.


Crystal Pendulums

Harness your inner knowledge through inner connection with our selection of cyrstal pendulums.


Fluorite Points

Fluorite cleanses and stabilises the aura. It absorbs and neutralises negative energy and stress.


Amethyst Palmstone

Hold comfortably in the palm for your hand and use the energy to connect to the universal energy and spirit realm.


Tigers Eye Tumbled

This natural Tigers Eye is a stone of protection, grounding, and stabilising.


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Evoke your earthy passion and fire up your root chakra with one of our favourite garnet stones.


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If there is a difficult conversation that you need to have, this stone can support the environment for it to go harmoniously.


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One of the most alluring of the healing stones for not just its colour but for its reputation as a connector to the divine.


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Chakra Pillar Candles

This chakra is associated with Divine Energy and Self Realisation. Through meditation and prayer we surrender to the higher power.


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