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Cleanse your space with Grace.

Grace offers us tips on keeping the energy positive in the spaces that mean the most to us.

16th February 2021

After Nikki G’s excellent article on cleansing your energetic field (Aura), I’m turning my attention to tools you can use for clearing and cleansing your home. I’ll be offering tips on keeping the energy positive in the spaces that mean the most to us. Houses, apartments, workplaces, studios, anywhere we gather and grow can also be places where the energy takes a knock or literally saps - leaving a space feeling ‘off’ and sometimes unpleasant to be in. 

Have you ever walked into a house or building and had a strange feeling, like you didn’t belong there or worse - or you really had to get out? If your intuition is giving you a heads up that the energy in a place isn’t right, listen to it. Spaces and buildings hold negative and positive energy, so we must regularly cleanse the areas we frequent. In the current climate of intermittent lockdowns and more time spent at home, there is every reason to ensure we keep the energy flowing through the areas we resonate in. 

To optimise your cleansing practice, it is always best to begin with, gratitude and set the intentions you want. Either through a mantra or by simply stating your intention out loud. Of course, if you’d rather say them in your head, then that’s fine too! There are all sorts of mantras associated with cleansing your space. You might be moving into a new home, have just separated, or you’ve simply had a good clear out and are ready to set new intentions for positive and fruitful times ahead. Cleansing your space is about clearing space for new possibilities and opportunities. Here are my recommendations:


White Sage

There are many benefits to burning sage. It’s a powerful cleanser of negative energy and kills pathogens and bacteria in the air. 

To sage your house, light a sage stick and cleanse yourself with it first; you allow the smoke to waft towards all areas of your body and in your auric field.  Sometimes you can notice the shift in energy straight away; it can make you feel lighter.  Then waft the stick in each room, ensuring you cover all spaces, especially the corners.  

It's helpful to have this intention in your mind, ask anything that doesn't belong there or is not for your highest good, to leave the space now. Here’s a mantra for you to try out whilst clearing and cleansing: “I rid any negative energies and only allow love and joy to flood in place. May blessings and positivity fill this space. So it is.”


“I rid any negative energies and only allow love and joy to flood in place. May blessings and positivity fill this space. So it is.”



Palo Santo

A sacred wood derived from a wild tree native to the Yucatán Peninsula in Peru and Venezuela.  Its smell is very grounding and uplifting.  To use it for cleansing spaces, you need to light the wood and let it flame for one minute before you shake it until it smokes.  Use it in the area you wish to cleanse by allowing the smoke to move into the air to purify and protect the space.



This is a powerful incense often used in spiritual churches. It cleanses the space, raises the vibration, and penetrates the walls so nothing negative can get in.  It must be burnt on charcoal and left in the room with the door shut to fill the space with smoke. Its an extremely effective cleanser.



These can instantly change the feel of a space; crystals can be used to change the room’s energy, transmuting low vibration energy into positive. They can nurture and protect those within a home or building. To keep an area clear and vibrant, you can use amethyst and clear quartz clusters in each room. Ideally, you would programme them to keep cleansing the energy in the space.  

Close your eyes, tune into the crystal and say out loud something along the lines of: “I programme this crystal to cleanse the energy of this space for the occupants’ highest and greatest good. So it is.”  


“I programme this crystal to cleanse the energy of this space for the occupants’ highest and greatest good. So it is.”  


I would also recommend using Black Tourmaline in each corner of the house to make a protection grid. Selenite sticks can be used above door frames, along walls, or anywhere where you want to raise a space’s vibration.  


Singing Bowls

The vibrational frequencies of sound are healing and purifying, and singing bowls are a whole kind of magic of their own.  If you play singing bowls in your home or space, it raises the vibration and creates a healing atmosphere.  It also cleanses the crystals and resets them back to their dominant oscillatory rate.


Reiki Symbols

If you’re Reiki attuned, you can use Reiki symbols to cleanse a space, do this by focusing your visualisation of the shapes into the room’s corners. 


Essential Oils

Essential oils, when diffused, vibrate at a very high frequency. They are magical, known as plant medicine and having them diffused into your space will help it stay clear and peaceful (as it will you, hehe)



Having house plants clean the air that you breathe and helps raise your space’s vibration just by being there - after all, they are alive!

I always remember the feeling I had walking into an Airbnb in Shoreditch in London. Our travel had been so stressful and hectic; being around lots of people doesn't make me feel good.  Where we were staying was filled with plants, singing bowls and salt lamps.  I felt instantly calm and like I didn't want to leave. It was amazing, like a little healing sanctuary amid all the city chaos.

I hope you find this useful and can bring some of these tips into your life to turn your home into your very own sacred space.

Find out more about Grace’s journey and current work within the mystical wellness arena by heading to her collaborator page here

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