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Embrace the Feng Shui Flow for a Radiant Glow.

Harmonise your home with Nikki G's simple tips & tricks.

27th February 2021

Home is where the heart is, so it’s only right that we give ourselves a space that enables positivity, productivity and opportunity to feel safe. 

If you’ve ever spent time rearranging your home, or creating the right ‘feel’ within the flow of a room, then you've had a taster of the magic of Feng Shui, perhaps without even realising. Spring, Autumn and New Year are notably some of the times we tend to cleanse, clear and declutter the spaces we live and/or work in. Creating a flow of energy in a room is the primary objective of Feng Shui, and it can work wonders. If you want to change your life, change your environment (at any time of the year). 


If you want to change your life, change your environment (at any time of the year). 


The name Feng Shui means ‘wind’, and ‘water’ and the intention translates as a metaphor for your life by aligning your energy with your surroundings, establishing the best flow of energy. Feng Shui will optimise the vibration in your space, and you can implement as much or as little as you like; harness some of our inspiration to make your own haven fit for happiness. 

The Feng Shui Taoist philosophy brings together the 5 elements of nature. Feng Shui looks at the cycles of nature and balances them in harmony, with each element representing its own energy. We've guided you below on how to bring each of these energies into your home easily.



Nourishment / Self-care / Strength and stability

Use: Yellow / Orange / Brown / Square and Rectangle shapes


Passion / Inspiration / Leadership and boldness

Use: Red / Bright Orange / Triangle shapes 


Connection / Emotion / Career and life-journey

Use: Black / Dark Blue / Wavy shapes


Creativity / Healing / Growth and vitality

Use: Green / Blue / Teal / Column shapes


Focus / Order / Joy and beauty 

Use: White / Grey / Metallic  / Circle shapes


Each of these elements also represents a colour and a shape. You can incorporate these elements and their respective shapes and colours to increase and enhance the energy flow around your home. Incorporating these colours and shapes needn’t be difficult or expensive. You could use pictures, artwork, throws, cushions, light fixtures, plants and flowers, for example... 



Manifest love and affection

If you want to create a space of love and affection, Rose Quartz crystals are a beautiful addition to your home; its beauty is that it helps you approach every situation with love. We can all get hot-headed about issues that pull on our heartstrings, but keeping this stone in your house is believed to create love, caring, and empathetic energy.


Rebalance when feeling run down

If you’ve been feeling run down and a bit unwell (lacking in self-care and good health), you might bring the elements of earth into your room; yellow flowers, a lustrous plant or foliage and some wooden furniture or sculptures.


Make space for a big change

Someone who is gearing up for a big change might seek the fire element and include some orange lighting, a pyramid crystal, and red hues from something like a throw or a blanket.


Absorb and learn with ease

We suggest metallic desk decor, a rounded mirror, a yellow candle and some grey cushions or a rug for studying.


These are some simple ideas for you to run within the rooms where you spend the most time; for some quick fixes, check out the candles, crystals and smudge in our ritual shop to get you started. 

Whilst we understand that decluttering can feel incredible in lightening the load and calming our mind from chaos, within Feng Shui, the idea is to create space rather than declutter. Turning your mind to a positive outcome whilst undertaking your energy realignment and being grateful for the items we no longer need as well as the ones we keep is an important underlying mindset for the utmost in Feng Shui practice. 

Find out more about Nikki G and her energy work and a host of information about natural wellness, yoga, and healing over her collaborator page.

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