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Incense: Scent to raise your vibration.

The scent of incense is believed to plant seeds of thought and inspire positive change.

17th February 2021

Our sense of smell can play a huge part in influencing how we feel. Fragrance is designed to affect our mood and incense gives us the sweet opportunity to harness this vitality. Coming in the form of sticks, cones or raw materials, the principles remain the same and when you burn incense, you are aligning with the ancient traditions of our ancestors; something to think about next time you light your favourite stick. 

Finding a harmonious scent to heal and rejuvenate, calm and quell stress or enhance the energy in a room is easy and using incense is thought to purify as well as perfume a space. It’s been thought that incense has anti-bacterial properties and can cleanse the air as well as life force energy. When you smell a particular fragrance you might be transported to the bustling streets of Morocco, or the rambunctious side roads of somewhere in India… Scents conjure up memories and thoughts and are wondrous in their ability to effect mood change. The scent of incense is also believed to plant seeds of thought and inspire positive change. 


"The scent of incense is believed to plant seeds of thought and inspire positive change." 


The most prominent producers and users of incense are found in India. Where it’s hand-rolled in the traditional way, made with love and blessed with high vibrational energy… Bringing this energy into your home is symbolic, whether you’re an avid user in your spiritual practice or because you simply enjoy the smell. 

Our incense-makers follow Ancient Ayurvedic principles, in which the ingredients that go into incense-making are categorised into five classes: 

Ether (fruits), for example, star anise; 

Water (stems and branches), like sandalwood, aloeswood, cedarwood, cassia, frankincense, myrrh, and borneol; 

Earth (roots), like turmeric, vetiver, ginger, costus root, valerian, Indian spikenard;

Fire (flowers), such as clove; and 

Air (leaves), like patchouli, lavender, Sagebrush, pine

Incense can mark the start of a spiritual journey; burning it at the beginning of a meditation, yoga practice or to offer up gratuities and manifestations to the universe, or God… It’s also the most beautiful way to create your own sacred space at home, filling a room with uplifting or relaxing aromas - you can literally find a scent to match any mood or reason.

The Rising Signs online shop has many different beautiful incense scents for you to try all the way from India. You can shop our Incense here.

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