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Give the gift of good energy!

Not sure what to get someone? We've put together a little guide on how to pick the perfect gift.

17th December 2020

“For it is in giving that we receive.”

―St. Francis of Assisi 

The act of giving is proven to raise our vibration and whilst it feels great to open up our presents on Christmas morning, it’s a scientific fact that we gain more happiness from conscious gift giving to others… 

The Rising Signs has created some Christmas gifts, designed to give 2020 some completion through balancing and aligning, boosting and uplifting our energies. We have worked with our collaborators to make conscious gift giving easy… But hold on, what IS conscious giving? 

By giving any gift, whether that be time, presents or money, we make someone happy and we raise our vibration: fact. But to give a gift to someone where you’ve taken a bit of time to consider their wellness, happiness and overall benefit, that’s where it’s at. To provide someone with something that enriches their life, even for a moment, is like a bolt of beautiful light energy for both of you. To mindfully give is to add positivity to source energy and karmically, this is a very good thing. The conscious gift allows the recipient to feel gratitude - win win! You might even try manifesting wellness, good health and happiness to the person you are gifting, adding a bit of extra magic… 

Looking to join in some conscious gift giving? 

Let us help… Many of the items in our ritual shop are also blessed, charged and vibing high!

Check out our Christmas Gift Boxes, or have a look through our Chakra Packs… We’ve also got plenty of purse-friendly purposeful gifts and stocking fillers, all beautiful treats for the people you love. 

Our three Christmas boxes are packed full of energy optimised items that bring positivity and joy! Designed for various energy practices; self-love, karmic contendness and a new year/new intentions box… Head over to our ritual shop to find out more about these lovingly made box sets. 

The Rising Signs’ seven Chakra Packs are made up with the intention of raising the vibration of an individual chakra. If you know someone who’s looking for love in 2021, you might think about getting them the sacral chakra pack; promoting sensuality, emotions and intuition… Or, for a friend who might be struggling with expressing themselves, check out the throat chakra pack.

Each pack contains an ethically made and sustainably sourced scented candle, a box of refreshing teas from Positivitea - a company that makes specialty, organic teas to balance and align using herbs and spices that relax, rejuvenate and remind us to take time for ourselves. The last little treat in the Chakra Packs is a crystal or an oil; emanating positive energy to work with the intentions for benefitting the relevant chakra energy - crystals and oils are beautiful gifts and all of these products can be bought separately as stocking fillers, or small personal tokens of genuine care and love… 

To make things easy, here’s a quick overview of the chakras and what they relate to… 

  • Root (safety and grounding)
  • Sacral (sensuality, emotions, and intuition)
  • Solar Plexus (personal freedom, choice, and authenticity)
  • Heart (love and understanding)
  • Throat (expression and individual truth)
  • Third-Eye (intuition and foresight)
  • Crown (enlightenment, wisdom, universal consciousness, and connection to higher guidance)

Our crystal selection is broad in both the types we sell and the prices attached to them. From the larger crystals to the smaller tumbled stones, you can get something special without spending a fortune.

Crystals are the gift that keeps on giving; durable, deep in meaning and constantly resonating - a crystal is actual treasure that doesn’t just look pretty… If you want to manifest wealth for the person you’re gifting, get them citrine… If you want to help a friend with their health, get them an amethyst. For love a rose quartz… There’s literally a stone for every occasion, check out The Rising Signs’ crystals for more information and descriptions. Tumbled Stones, Carved or Rough Stones all available.

We are all aiming for positive energy and fulfilment throughout this festive season. Goodness knows we all deserve some peace and tranquility, fun and celebration. This year has been one heck of a ride, actually more of a rollercoaster of emotions and obstacles to overcome. Wouldn’t it be nice to see the back of 2020 in a positive light; stepping into our journey of 2021 with full hearts and high vibrations? How about we do just that, and gift the very same to our friends and loved ones… Collective positive energy for all! 

The Rising Signs - Magic happens.

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Hold comfortably in the palm for your hand and use the energy to connect to the universal energy and spirit realm.


Tigers Eye Tumbled

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Almandine Garnet Tumbled

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Amazonite Tumbled

If there is a difficult conversation that you need to have, this stone can support the environment for it to go harmoniously.


Amethyst Tumbled

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blah blah blah


Chakra Pillar Candles

This chakra is associated with Divine Energy and Self Realisation. Through meditation and prayer we surrender to the higher power.


White Coconut Taper Candles (4)

The colour for purification and cleansing, these candles burn perfectly due to their pure cotton wicks and coconut wax.


Rainbow Coconut Taper Candles (4)

All the colours together represent peace and harmony, these candles burn perfectly due to their pure cotton wicks and coconut wax.


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